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BitchX itself is a very simple IRC client to use. Most users get confused when they want to run the client and leave it online in the background when they go offline. This is very simple to do, follow the steps below.

Screening BitchX

    After connecting to your shell account, type:
    screen BitchX YourNick irc.server.com -H a.vhost.if.you.want.one.com
    Now you can simply "detach" the BitchX by holding CTRL and pressing A and then D.
    You can now safely logout from your shell account and the BitchX will stay online. When you are ready to come back online, to simply resume the BitchX type:
    screen -r
    That will bring you back to the irc screen and you will be exactly were you last left off.

Still having problems?
If you are still having problems, please e-mail us at support@lomag.net for a prompt reply.

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