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Compiling and installing eggdrop is no easy task for someone has never done it before. A simple mistype can lead you completely in the wrong direction. This little guide was created to help you compile and setup your eggdrop bot. If you get a precompiled eggdrop, you can safely skip all these steps and go to the Configuring Eggdrop section below.

Compiling Eggdrop
After you have the eggdrop tar file in your home directory, follow the simple steps below. As a service to our customers, we keep an updated archive of precompiled eggdrop bots, so all these steps are done for you. To access these, type getdrop in your telnet window and it'll tell you how to get which version you need.
    tar -zxf eggdropX.X.X.tar.gz (Were X.X.X you would please your bot version, ie. 1.1.5)
    The eggdrop should have extracted into a directory in your home directory so you would type:
    cd eggdropX.X.X
    Now to configure the bot type:
    The configure script runs all its checks and tests based on our operating system. After its finished you would type:
    If your trying to compile eggdrop1.1.5 you would either type:
    make eggdrop for the non-module eggdrop (recommended) or:
    make eggmod for the module version of eggdrop1.1.5.
    After its all done compiling all you need to do is edit the configuration file and your eggdrop should be ready to run! Please see Configuring Eggdrop below.

Configuring Eggdrop
Now that your eggdrop is all compiled you need to edit a configuration file for it. Follow the simple steps below:
    Depending on your eggdrop version the configuration file may already be named eggdrop.conf, type:
    ls -la This will display the directory listing. If you don't see an eggdrop.conf you will most likely find an eggdrop.conf.dist file, so you will need to:
    mv eggdrop.conf.dist eggdrop.conf
    Now that the file is moved to its normal filename, you need to type:
    pico eggdrop.conf
    This will open a notepad type editor, which you can easily get around and edit what you need to, to make your bot work. Fully edit this file and save it by holding CTRL and pressing O, then exit out of the editor by holding CTRL and pressing X.
    Now, if you've edited your configuration properly, your eggdrop bot should start up. To start your bot type:
    ./eggdrop -m eggdrop.conf
    Now your bot is running and it should appear on irc within seconds, once you see it, type (in your irc window):
    /msg YourBot hello
    That will tell your bot that you are the owner, then you can DCC chat it and add users, etc...

Adding Your Eggdrop to Crontab
Now that you have your eggdrop all setup and online, you may choose to crontab your bot. In the event our server reboots, or some other technical problem occurs, crontab will restart your eggdrop bot. If you would like to setup crontab for your eggdrop bot, please follow the instructions below.
    You first need to locate your botchk file. Its either in your bots main directory or in the newer versions its in your bots main directory under the sub directory 'scripts'. Once you've located the file, you need to change a few things in it to make it work, type: pico botchk
    This will open a notepad type editor, which you can easily get around and edit these 4 items:

    # change this to the name of your bot's script in that directory:
    botscript="eggdrop eggdrop.conf"
    # change this to the nickname of your bot (capitalization COUNTS)
    # change this to the name of your bot's userfile (capitalization COUNTS)

    Once yoy have edited those fields save your botchk file by holding CTRL and pressing O, then exit out of the editor by holding CTRL and pressing X.
    Now that you have edit the botchk script, its time to add it to crontab, type:
    setenv EDITOR "pico"
    crontab -e
    This once again opens up the pico editor, however this time you are editing a special crontab file. You need to add the following line:
    0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /usr/home/yourlogin/eggdropX.X.X/botchk >/dev/null 2>&1
    Replace the above path with the full path to your botchk file. Now save the file and quit the editor as done before. It will say:
    crontab: installing new crontab
    Now your bot is crontabed and will be restarted incase of problems!

Still having problems?
If you are still having problems, please e-mail us at support@lomag.net for a prompt reply.

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