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Compiling and installing ircd is no easy task for someone has never done it before. A simple mistype can lead you completely in the wrong direction. This little guide was created to help you compile and setup your ircd. This will guide you threw the installation of DALnet's IRCD, Bahamut 1.4.4.

Compiling IRCD
After you have the ircd tar file in your home directory, follow the simple steps below.
    tar -zxf bahamut-1.4.4.release.tgz
    The ircd should have extracted into a directory in your home directory so you would type:
    cd bahamut-1.4.4.release
    Now to configure the ircd type:
    The configure script runs all its checks and tests based on our operating system. It also asks you for information, such as path names, if you want to run services, etc... Please make sure you type in the correct pathnames otherwise the ircd will not start. After its finished you would type:
    After its all done compiling all you need to do is edit the configuration file and your ircd should be ready to run! Please see Configuring IRCD below.

Configuring IRCD
Now that your ircd is all compiled you need to edit a configuration file for it. Follow the simple steps below:
    First we need to copy over the sample configuration file to your ircd's directory, type:
    cp doc/example.conf ircd.conf
    Now that its copied over, you must edit it, type:
    pico ircd.conf
    This will open a notepad type editor, which you can easily get around and edit what you need to, to make your ircd work. Fully edit this file and save it by holding CTRL and pressing O, then exit out of the editor by holding CTRL and pressing X.
    Now, if you've edited your configuration properly, your ircd should be ready to start. To start your ircd type:
    Now your ircd is running and you should be able to connect to it.
    In your IRC screen type:
    /server the.ip.of.your.ircd
    That will connect you to your irc server. If you get connected, you've compiled and configured your ircd correctly.

Still having problems?
If you are still having problems, please e-mail us at support@lomag.net for a prompt reply.

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